40+ and Fabulous Moving Foward, Fierce, Focused and Full of Life by Sondra Wright

Moving forward fierce, focused and full of life!

40+ and Fabulous Moving Foward, Fierce, Focused and Full of Life by Sondra Wright - Moving forward fierce, focused and full of life!

Self Image and the Media: Who’s in Control of You?

Guest Blogger, Angela Johnson

It is a known fact that women over 40 are underrepresented in the media.  Almost every media outlet caters to a younger audience.  It has become a popular practice around the media business to use younger images of women. This also includes media sources that claim to be for women of all ages. Therefore, how can women over forty relate to the publications, advertisements, and information being given to them?

They can’t! Women over 40 are faced with seeing images of young women with beautiful bodies, no health issues, killer careers and positive mental health. The problem is these women are only a small handful of the overall population in the world.  You can’t turn on the TV without seeing a diet commercial of some young 20 something that hated her body and lost weight in 30 days and now looks great.  You have TV shows with some of the most beautiful women juggling career and family, living the most unrealistic lives one has ever seen.   What are the results on the women sitting at home watching?

The results are catastrophic.  You have highly respected beautiful women trying to recapture their youth.  Why? Because they feel they have missed out on something or are lacking in some area of their life, largely because today’s popular media has made them feel this way.  Now you have women in their 40’s starving themselves or walking around dressed like some college girl.  It might sound crazy if this is not your reality but take a look at the women around you.  There are so many women trying to live up to this unrealistic, non-existent image of what a woman should be.

The key to understanding media and the images that are shown is to take it with a grain of salt.  Companies all over the world are trying to market to women and the amazing buying power that women control.  They think the best way to accomplish sales success is to use images of youthful women to make women believe that by using their product they’ll become like the woman in the ad.  However, we all know that is not the case…like when you buy a Spanx undergarment. You look good when you have them on.  When you take them off it is like, “Whoa Nellie!”  Companies are only doing what statistical information tells them.  They are not thinking of the real women that consume their products.

In the future, remember before you turn on the TV, pick up a magazine or hop on the internet know who you are and what you want. Do not let media decide for you.

Angela Johnson is the Founder and Consultant of Dvine Design Media started in 2010.  Angela is a Mom of 2, writer, social entrepreneur, Life Coach, PR & Social Media, and Customer Service Consultant.   Angela is passionate about her family, travel, women finding success, and helping people realize their dreams.

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