40+ and Fabulous Moving Foward, Fierce, Focused and Full of Life by Sondra Wright

Moving forward fierce, focused and full of life!

40+ and Fabulous Moving Foward, Fierce, Focused and Full of Life by Sondra Wright - Moving forward fierce, focused and full of life!

An Unexpected Surprise: 56, Grandmother, and Pregnant – OH MY!

6-23I’ve been reading a lot lately about later-life pregnancy and the fact that many women today are waiting until their late 30s and early 40s to have their first child. The media loves stories of over-40 celebrity moms like Halle Berry, who became pregnant for the first time at 41 and gave birth to her second child at 47; John Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, who was pregnant with their third child at the age of 47; and Geena Davis, who had her first child at 46 and two years later, gave birth to twins! These women seem to defy biology as medical science tells us the chances of getting pregnant decrease with age and the probability of a woman conceiving in midlife is slim to impossible. I’ve even heard Dr. Joshua Klein, medical director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York-Brooklyn, refer to a woman’s ability to conceive naturally in her mid-40s as “nearly miraculous.”

Well, hold on Dr. Klein, because miracles do happen, and this story of pregnant grandparents in High Point, NC, is indeed miraculous.

When my longtime friend Sara Harper phoned me with the jaw-dropping news, I was happy not to be in public because my mouth literally hung open. My reaction was the same as it had been for Sara when grandparents Sally and Charles Brown, members of a support group of relatives who are raising relatives’ children, stopped at her home recently to share their good news.

The Browns, ages 56 and 65 respectively, are the adoptive parents of three children, ages 7, 9, and 14. One is their biological grandchild, whom they’ve raised since birth.

“After a miscarriage 10 years ago, we gave up on trying to have children, and that was when we decided to adopt,” said Sally.

Sally received the news during her yearly physical exam, after explaining to her doctor she was noticing some changes in her body. She admits to having a good cry at first, but is happy and glowing after the initial shock, and believes without a doubt, “God is in control.”  Sally, an ordained minister who loves to fish, said she dreamt one night about catching a big fish and began to call around the next day to see who was pregnant. It never for a moment occurred to Sally it might be her.

Sally works in the Guilford County Schools Special Needs Department. Her husband, Charles, is employed with Flowers Bakery in Jamestown, NC, and has not stopped smiling since the news. As a matter of fact, unbeknownst to Sally, Charles said he had been praying for this miracle.


What I Know Now

9-21People often tell me I look much younger that my years and beg me to tell them my secret. While I sincerely appreciate the compliment, I always tell them what they see on the outside is a direct reflection of what I feel on the inside. Here is how I maintain a perfect glow from the inside out.

Age Ain’t  Nothing but a Number

Who knew getting older really was getting better? I said to my husband the other day, I feel more beautiful now than I ever have I my life, and in response, he gave me a kiss and said, “You are.” What do I attribute that feeling to? I believe I have an inner peace and calm now that makes me stand a little taller, walk a little more purposeful, and love and accept myself (and others) in a whole new way.

The Value of Patience

Boy there was a time when I thought everything had to happen right then, right now, quick, fast, and in a hurry! But impatience often comes with a high price tag. I think being an entrepreneur for the past 16 years has really helped to calm that right now mentality. Operating a business takes a great deal of patience and an enormous amount of faith. The ability to take a step back, center yourself and wait patiently, is a gift.

Happiness is a Song

Nothing lifts my mood like music. When I’m enjoying the rhythm, the melody, the beat of a song, there is just no room to think about anything else. I am completely lost in that song.  So for me, total escape is always just a song (or a solo Blurred Lines dance party) away.

Go With the Flow

Things change, that’s just a fact of life. Resistance to change breeds discontentment, that’s another fact of life.   I don’t expect to look like I did at 18, at 27, or at 35. What I want is to be the best version of who I am today. That means spending a few extra minutes on my appearance, stretching my body before I move, and taking a nap to refresh and refocus. After all, I’m worth it!

Laugh ’til it Hurts

How blessed I am to have a partner I can laugh with. The world will never be on short supply of negativity but some people revel in it and I’m sorry but I do not enjoy hanging with the “Woe is me” crowd. You know the ones, even when you try to help them see things from a different perspective, they always hit you with a, “But…” I am fully convinced that there are just some people who love to be miserable. Me, I want to wake up laughing and go to bed laughing.

Nothing Rocks Like Giving Back

I’ve been a volunteer Guardian ad Litem for a few years and I love it. The court appoints me to a juvenile in the foster care system and I am that child’s voice in court; making sure their wishes and desires get heard, and assuring that their needs are met. We also do an annual teen girl conference to empower and embolden our future generations of women. When a child wraps their arms around you, it’s so pure and so genuine; there is no better feeling in the world.


Women’s History Month: Celebrating Achievements of Women in Later Life

Completely inspired by the celebrations of individuals and organizations all over the nation, 40+ and Fabulous has chosen to focus its celebration of Women’s History Month around the ageless potential of a woman. Where women fail to fully understand their potential in later life, there is limited motivation to plan for the future. This month, we will spotlight the achievements of women in later life, and promote the message of expanded opportunities for creativity as we mature.

There’s tagline I love from a commercial that says, “This is the age of knowing how to get things done.” If you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s and you still haven’t written that play, earned that degree, or started that non-profit – it’s not too late. We want to encourage you to keep those dreams alive. Refuse to abandon those lifelong passions. This can be easier said than done when we live in a culture that places extreme emphasis on youth, but you must realize and take ownership of the advantage that age and the accumulation of wisdom, emotion and intelligence gives you in your bringing forth something into existence that is needed and valued.

While we still have a proliferation of negative stereotypes and negative images of aging paired with creative decline, ours is also a rich legacy of some very inspiring women who have gone on before us, to show us what is possible.

Check out a few of my favorites…

Melchora Acquino – a Filipina peasant woman who, at age 84, became a well-known political activist in the Philippine Revolution. She became famous for her contributions in helping the Philippines gain independence from Spain.

Susan Boyle – the 48 year old show stopper on America’s Got Talent who wowed millions of viewers. The amateur singer stole the finale and brought us to our feet. And although it took her close to five decades to do what she was clearly born to do, Susan is proof positive that birthdays don’t matter, you can still make you mark.

Ida Keeling – in February 2011, the petite (4-foot-6, 83 lb.,) 95 year old ran a world record 60 meters in 29.86 seconds. Her daughter, a high school track coach convinced her to take up running at age 67. Since then, Keeling has been setting records and becoming one of the world’s oldest sprinting legends.

Grandma Moses – due to painful arthritis, Anna Mary Robertson Moses was forced to abandon a career in embroidery, but she didn’t let that stop her. Grandma Moses, as she is best known for, began a career as an artist at age 76. She became one of America’s best known folk-artists and continued to paint until her death at age 101.

Irene Wells Pennington – the wife of a wealthy oilman, became a 90 something year old business woman, straightening out her husband’s 600 million dollar enterprise, after his mental health began to decline.

Peg Phillips – began a professional acting career in her late 60’s, and is best known for her role as the storekeeper, Ruth-Anne Miller, on the television series Northern Exposure.

Mary Wesley – wrote her first novel at age 70, and went on to write 10 best sellers before dying at the age of 90.

Laura Ingles Wilder – became a columnist in her 40’s, but it wasn’t until she was 65 that she published her first book, Little House in the Big Woods. This would be the first of her 8-volume Little House series of children’s books.

And if you need other inspiring examples, just go to this link at the Museum of Conceptual Art website. Here, you can actually enter your age to display a list of accomplishments other people have achieved at your age.

I hope by celebrating these heroines you can see that your ability to move into a new direction and change the course of your life, your family, your community, your world is independent of age. But let me ask you something… if not now, when?



Sure You’re Not a Caregiver Now, But …

I came across a fabulous “nugget of wisdom” I just had to share with you. This one comes from Patti Shea, whose articles I have been enjoying on the AARP Blog. I wanted you to get to know her, as well, so I invited Patti to gest blog here today.

Sure You’re Not a Caregiver Now, But … by Patti Shea

I’ve worked on caregiving issues for AARP for five years now. I started as an erstwhile online producer for AARP.org wanting to bring great family content to the website. (Read: wanted to boost sex and pets content since they get the most clicks, right?)

A few months into my tenure here, I was asked to help overhaul the online Caregiving Resource Center. At the time, being a late thirty-something singleton living in Washington, D.C., I really didn’t know a lot about caregiving … or so I thought.

Sure my parents were aging and had their share of health issues. But it wasn’t until dad had the first heart attack, then the second, that I sat up and paid attention to what was REALLY happening: I hadn’t a clue of what to do. Neither did my siblings. Why would we? I was busy with my life and they with theirs.

Then the boom. Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. What just happened?

Thirty-somethings and forty-somethings, I’m here to tell you: it will happen, it will surprise you, you will be upset. No matter how much you think you’re ready, you’re not. Don’t kid yourself that you are. I’m not trying to be Debby Downer. Be assured there are things you (or you and your sibs) can do now:

  1. Talk to your parents about their wishes. Yes, it’s creepy and crude. Trust me I know. But it’s much better than not knowing. Do they want to be cremated? Buried? Do they have advanced directives? (Heck, what is an advance directive?) Do they want you to pull the plug? Once all these things have been decided, document it. Yes, pay the $100 for the lawyer. You and yours will be better off when the time comes many, many, many years from now. (Nice plug for an upcoming chat on this very topic.)
  2. Have a Plan B, Plan C, Plan D and be ready when Plans A through C won’t happen according to plan. Can you telework? Who will watch your pets? You need to have a team to spring into action so if you should need to leave in the middle of the night you can, without worry.
  3. Know your parent(s) doctors, insurance information, Social Security number, allergies and medications. Most important, right now get your parents to sign a HIPAA waiver with ALL of their doctors Why? It’s a sure bet that, if should something happen to one parent or loved one, the other one will not have the wits about them to have this information or remember everything. You need to have it ready. Trust me.
  4. If you live far away from your parents/loved ones, have a credit card that’s used just for emergency travel. But, Patti, you say, that’s next to impossible to have with this economy. I know. Really, I do. But you have to. Airlines are in no mood to give you the medical emergency discount anymore so don’t expect it. You might need to pay up to $2,000 for a last-minute ticket and rental car. Suck it up and do it. You won’t regret it.
  5. Find out your employer’s rules for family leave and get to know these four letters: FMLA, which stands for the Family and Medical Leave Act. It will be your friend and protect your job. But know the rules beforehand and hope you never need to use it.

And finally for you: Buy a long-term care insurance policy NOW. My parents had no such option when they were our age as this insurance is relatively new. Any policy they could buy now wouldn’t be worth it due to their age and premium cost. Before I turned 41, I purchased a policy that’s $656 a year and covers me for $675,000 of care. DO IT!

I don’t want to scare you but I do. It’s reality. It happens. You won’t be 100 percent prepared but getting started with the tips above is a great start. You won’t regret it. (Another plug: We have a great document called Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families that you should download for free.) Also, for you ladies, we have a great campaign called Decide.Create.Share. that helps you plan for your future financial and care needs.

Have I missed something? Let me know in the comments below.



Be a Woman on Fire: Demand More From Your Future by Planning for the Long Term Today

With an aging baby boomer population more and more 40 something women across the country provide care to aging parents and/or young children, while at the same time, having to balance the demands of jobs and careers. With hectic daily living, it leaves little time to think about your own financial future.

You’re working hard at the office, raising a family, maintaining a home and, hopefully, having some fun. But sometimes it seems there’s little time for you, and even less time to think beyond the realities of day-to-day living. Ladies, when it comes to preparing for the future, health and long-term care are some of the most important decisions you’ll have to make.

A recent AARP report found that 79 percent of woman age 65 and older will need long-term care at some point, but in my discussions with women, it is painfully clear that most remain unprepared.

I’m on a mission to change that by helping women think about their own needs. I’ve discovered a wonderful resource through, “Decide.Create.Share.™ ” an AARP initiative for women in their 40s, 50s and 60s that helps them plan for their own future needs. This is a comprehensive set of resources to help women:

  • Think about what kind of future they envision for themselves
  • Create a plan that will help them achieve their goals
  • Share that plan with the important people in their lives

Don’t get caught unprepared, believing long-term care planning is just for “old” people, or “It will never happen to me.” The fact is, especially if you’re over 40, it’s not too soon to think about the future. It’s not too soon to create a long-term life strategy for the days when work and child-rearing are behind you. Decisions you make today about home, finances, health and medical care can help you live your best life – in retirement, or whatever your life stage. Be a woman on fire!




Life at 50+ Event Helps Women Transform Their Lives and Take Charge of Their Futures

There’s nothing like first experiences and last week I experienced a fabulous first. I spent 3 impactful days in New Orleans at the AARP Life at 50+ National Event and Expo. Having not quite reached my 50th birthday, being amongst this highly diverse group of more than 20,000 attendees, age 50 and older, gave me a wonderful glimpse into all the passion, vitality and genius of life after 50. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to reimagine my own life and everything I ever thought possible.

Some of my greatest ah-ha’s and take-aways came out of Leeza Gibbons workshop, “How To Transform Your Life.” Leeza conducted a very empowering and inspiring interview with Celia Nathan and Amy Voelker, winners of the Decide.Create.Share.™ Take Charge of Your Future Story Contest. For their submissions in the contest, which ran from May 7 – June 7, Celia Nathan of Maryland received a financial makeover, while Amy Voelker of Florida received a fitness makeover. Both women were joined onstage by their coaches, financial advisor Lazetta Braxton and fitness consultant Dr. Michael Mantell. Leeza stressed that “Whether it’s finances or fitness, you can transform your life,” and offered several warm, funny, and insightful nuggets such as, “The person you were yesterday is not the person you have to be tomorrow,” “There are great rewards in reinventing,” “That’s being a hero in your own life — when you can ask for help,” and “Know where you’re going, look good when you get there!”

Decide.Create.Share.™ was also present at the expo to help women relax and refresh while taking charge of their future. In a beautiful and femininely appointed 8×20 foot booth DCS pampered women with massages, makeovers, games and giveaways, and a super fun AARP Magazine Cover Photo Shoot. But in the midst of all the fun, valuable information was disseminated to help women develop a plan to live longer and live smarter. The plan covered many areas, from healthy living and finances, to legal documents and housing in a community where you can live safely and comfortably no matter what your stage of life.

It was wonderful to witness the information opening up dialogue amongst the women, many who admitted to failing to plan adequately or even consider any future care or services they may need. Proactive long-term planning, while you’re healthy and able to, is really one of the smartest decisions a woman can make for herself. Get committed and take action today for your lifestyle of tomorrow.




Aging But Not Old: Rejecting the Stereotype

This story takes place on a recent doctor’s office visit with my parents. My dad retired about 3 years ago. A 45+ year career in the construction industry left him in pretty good physical shape but, since retirement we’ve watched his weight slowly creep up and attach itself to his stomach. Now recently he’s begun to complain of some minor back pain.

I attribute his weight gain to the fact that his primary post retirement activities consist of sitting, eating, and watching television all day. The back pain, well let’s just say the back has to work a little harder these days just to hold up the front. Since he apparently was not going to confess his inactive lifestyle to his primary care physician, I decided I would. And, as I had hoped, his doctor completely sided with me on the recommendation that my dad increase his physical activity beyond his several short walks each day, to and from the refrigerator.

Then out of nowhere, as if in complete retaliation to my having “told” on him, he blind-sided me with the unexpected. My dad, whom I’ve always respected as one of the most intelligent men I know, stood before me, mentally competent and physically able, and spoke these words, “Well doc, you know what they say, ‘Your children become your parents.’”

Like a scene from a horror movie, the blood drained from my face as his remark chilled me to the bone and made me shudder with disbelief. My own father, a physically and intellectually fit man, absent of any cognitive or physical impairments, with many, many years ahead of him had fallen victim to a set of expectations he had always heard about retirement; as being a time of slowing down, mental and physical decline, and increased dependency on others. Well I see right through you dad and I know exactly what is going on here.

How powerful are the expectations and beliefs we have about aging and growing older, that they would cause us to completely ignore our own realities and instead seek to fulfill a set of unfounded societal expectations. Despite the fact that my dad is, as they say, as healthy as a horse, he had chosen by way of his sedentary post retirement lifestyle, to force his mind and body into a state of early decline and become that frail, senile, clueless “old” guy he’s always seen portrayed on TV. Well, no horses are being put out to pasture today. Not on my watch.

Memo to dad from daughter; I refuse to encourage or tolerate dependence, helplessness, or unproductiveness in either you or mom, so get off your healthy, independent, self-sufficient rump and move it, move it, move it!! The day may come when I have to take on more of a caregiver role in your lives but that day is not today, mister. Until you are no longer able to, you will challenge the muscles in your mind, you will exercise the muscles in your body, and you will re-engage in the world so that society can benefit from your storehouse of accumulated knowledge, wisdom and yes…humor. Oh, and since you have appointed me the parent now… what I say, GOES!

What low expectations about aging have you or your loved ones internalized? In what ways are you ignoring your own realities to fulfill these negative stereotypes?



Value, Peace and Power in Confronting Life’s Difficult Topics

It’s seems strange to have to invite women to sit down and talk. After all isn’t talking one of the things we do really well? I mean, my entire life I’ve heard how we’re so much better at verbally expressing ourselves than our male counterparts. And on the surface it would seem so. Women eagerly seek each other out to talk office gossip, shoes and handbags, kids’ report cards, and who did what to whom on our favorite reality TV shows. Occasionally we may even touch on some deeper topics like illness, divorce and sexuality. But when it comes to the real topics that matter most in our lives, topics like; planning long-term for our future health needs, whether or not we have adequate resources for our future financial needs, or making sure our loved ones know what our future medical wishes are, who’s talking now?

These are the tough topics, many of us would rather have a root canal than discuss. They’re the monsters that evoke certain fears in us, and so we hide our concerns and seek relief in the arms of avoidance. But avoidance brings a relief that is only temporary, as unfinished business always finds its way back. Peace and empowerment however, come from facing challenges head on; staring them in the eye, and addressing them with the power of our choices. And as you do, what you find may surprise you; your choices really DO matter, these nagging topics never had any power except the false power you gave them, and you were never alone. There are others out there. Women like you who share the same joys and pains, dreams and fears, but just like you, simply are not discussing them. It’s time to break the silence. The reality is, as unique and as individual as we are, our journey is a shared one. There are things we all have in common, and experiences we will all share; each of us will lose someone, none of us will live forever, and every one of us deserve the best.

My suggestion is simple; invite some girlfriends over and have “the talk.” A bottle of wine, a little fruit and cheese, and some background music are all optional, but will certainly lighten the mood. Invite a financial planner, estate planner, or family law attorney to the party. Throw in a couple of games and prizes and make “tough talk” fun. Creating a safe, fun, and educational environment for women to come together, explore concerns, discover solutions, and feel validated is extremely necessary, highly rewarding, and the best gift you could ever give a girlfriend.

Need Resources, Handouts, or Discussion Materials for Your Group?

AARP has launched the Decide.Create.Share(SM) Initiative, a public education effort designed to help women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s take charge of their futures today so they will be adequately prepared for a safe, healthy and secure tomorrow.

You may even be able to attend one of their live information sessions, with free long-term care planning, held in select cities nationwide.

Visit http://aarp.org/decide for more information and get guides, fact sheets, brochures, webinars; all the tools and sound advice you need to start securing your future.

Image Credit: David Callan Photographer, Yorkville Sculptures In the Street



Judge Alex, The Cougar, and the Prey

Photo Credit: Eur ThisNThat

Cougars beware. As more and more boomers and women over 40 are embracing the cougar woman stereotype, we need to interrupt your predatory stalk for a word of caution.  The cubs are on the prowl and have you on their radar as easy prey.  So read up, be wise, and know that you’re worth way more than just another notch in his belt and a story to brag about at the bar.

I watched an entertaining yet very concerning episode of Judge Alex this week; 39 year old Mr. Pettus (aka, the Plaintiff) came to court seeking restitution for a loan to his former lover, 59 year old Ms. Blackmond (aka, the defendant). I cringed as Mr. Pettus testified that he and Ms. Blackmond had met on a chat line and “hooked up” the first night. Ladies, this is not the 70’s Sexual Revolution, Part II. A two headed monster has joined your casual sexcapades. His name is HIV/AIDS and he is infecting women over 50 at an alarming rate.

My interest was peaked as Mr. Pettus went on to testify that soon into the relationship Ms. Blackmond began to ask for financial assistance; $759.60 for her utility bill, $126.39 for an alternator, $95 for tires, and $70 for a mechanic, all which he loaned to her.

Ms. Blackmond agreed she owed the money and says the relationship fell apart because Mr. Pettus was controlling and tried to keep tabs on her, “I ain’t letting no man – young, middle-aged, or old – control me!” She stated that soon after the relationship ended, her sister learned that Mr. Pettus was a married man with children.

When Judge Alex asked Mr. Pettus about his marriage, Mr. Pettus stated that while not divorced, he and his wife had been separated for many years, and that he does have a girlfriend. Further probing by the judge revealed that Mr. Pettus was not only involved with this particular girlfriend now, but also during his relationship with Ms. Blackmond, and neither woman had known about the other.

Now pay close attention and read very carefully the next two questions and answers between Judge Alex and Mr. Pettus.

Judge Alex – “Mr. Pettus, were you in love with Ms. Blackmond.”

Mr. Pettus – “No.”

Judge Alex – “What kind of relationship did you have with her?”

Mr. Pettus – “It should have been a hit it, quit it, and don’t babysit it!”

…a Hit it! Quit it! And don’t babysit it! And as twisted as it is, in his complaint Mr. Pettus writes, “A part of me wants to get back with Mary (Ms. Blackmond), but I want my money.”

I can’t take anymore Ms. Blackmond, pay the man! Judgment for the Plaintiff!!

Photo Credit: Eur ThisNThat “No Such Thing As A Cougar



Highlights, Takeaways and Ah-Ha Moments from 40+ and Fabulous FabU Academy – The Empowerment Conference for Women 40 and Over

40+ and Fabulous, FabU Academy

In was a perfect winter morning; a beautiful sun-kissed sky, crisp chill in the air, and  100 women invading Tuscany Gardens in Browns Summit, NC, armed with smiles and positive expectations for an event that would celebrate, encourage and empower women over 40.  Sondra Wright, founder of Forty Plus and Fabulous, LLC, FabU Academy, and author of 40+ and Fabulous: Moving Forward Fierce, Focused and Full of Life kicked off the day with a strong start, beginning with a focus on self-perception, personal power and redefining beauty. As the day progressed and sessions continued, here are some key takeaways and themes that emerged from FabU Academy.

In the opening session, AARP…It’s Not Just for Old People, Audrey Galloway introduced is to today’s AARP, “AARP is no longer about just being retired. We invest heavily in advancing the needs of women,” and Suzanne LaFollette-Black introduced everyone to a new program, “Women like, us. Women like me. Decide. Create. Share. This program is all about empowering women; to ensure women know how to take care of themselves. You must give yourself permission to take care of yourself.” 

The youngest of the events presenters, 10 year old Barrington Briggs, Founder of B’s Club made the point that every woman is imperfectly beautiful “I want women to understand that even though your hair, teeth or weight may not be perfect, that doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.”

Creativity in Midlife was the theme behind Go Free Pants’ Tina Ketchie Stearns. Tina reminded everyone that God gives people of all ages ideas, not just the young. So don’t be afraid to act. “Listen to your gut, which I believe is God and trust that He’s got you. When you’re passionate about your dreams you’ll gladly go broke trying to make it happen.”

Tina Ketchie-Stearns, GoFree Pants

Estate Planning Attorney, Susan Hunt gave much food for thought with Confidence in Chaos: Caring for Your Aging Parents. Sue drove home the importance of making a plan for your estate. “If you don’t make a plan, the state will make ne for you and you’re probably not going to like it. Your family wills do not need to be kept in a safety deposit box because your executor may not be able to gain access to them when needed.”

The importance of self-care emerged as a powerful theme and breast cancer survivor, Brenda Motley’s personal journey through self-neglect, denial, acceptance, hope, survivor and now educator is truly an inspiration and wake up call to women everywhere.  “I knew I was high risk, but I convinced myself I was too busy to take time out for a breast exam. Make your own well-being a top priority

Audience volunteers assisted martial arts expert Frank Anderson in demonstrating some simple yet effective self-defense techniques for women.  “If a man is attacking you, you cannot expect to go strength to strength, muscle to muscle with him, but you can learn to use different parts of your body, to defend yourself against his attack.”  Frank empowered women with this reassuring message, “Your body belongs to you and you can protect it!”

Frank Anderson, Self Defense for Women

When it comes to women and fashion, the rules for women over 40 are often conflicting and overwhelming. We don’t want to look like 20 year olds, but you better believe we want to look like the best 40, 60 and 80 year olds that we possibly can. Linda Eistentein of Clothes Befitting uses, not age, but body type styling to create beautiful, confident women – – inside and out.  Linda’s advice to the ladies, “Go out on the limb, and take flight!”

Whether the goal is to build a business, get healthier and more fit, have more satisfying relationships, grow spiritually, or live a more financially responsible life – this simple piece of advice share by Action Coach Mary Ann Hauser applies across the board, “Be x Do = Have. The being is more important than the doing“. Mary Ann suggested an awesome read, The Art of Exceptional Living, by one of my favorites, the late great Mr. Jim Rohn.

Her-Moans: My Hair is Thin, My Butt’s Getting Bigger and I’m Tired!, was Health Coach Audretta Hall’s lively, entertaining, and informative spin on the very real matter of hormones. This was a great look at estrogen imbalance and determining whether your body may be out of balance.  Audi also shared tips for healthy weight management such as “Sweets after a heavy meal turns your body into a fat making machine,” and suggests waiting at least an hour before enjoying that after dinner dessert. I had no idea!