Welcome to 40+ and Fabulous!

A tender, witty and down-to-earth collection of stories from women who will warm your hearts, tickle your funny bones and completely reshape your perspective on aging. This is clearly not your mama’s mid-life experience. Today’s boomer women have reshaped what it means to grow older and have given aging a whole new look. As these ladies proudly recount their personal journeys of self discovery by challenging ideas and reinventing lifestyles there is one central theme: at 40+ we truly come into our own in bold and exciting ways. Whether it’s wisdom or hot flashes we are saucier and more outspoken than ever before.

The book started with just the women in mind. But after the ladies had their say, it was time for a male’s perspective. I went straight to the source and men of all ages checked in on what they found most interesting, exciting, appealing, and attractive about women in their forties and beyond. Get ready to laugh, cry and celebrate your greatness with every delightful turn of the page.

Sondra’s honesty, candor and humor makes the reader feel as though you are her friend.

~Patricia Harris, Black Enterprise







“The most appealing and attractive trait I have found in most older women is that they know deep down who they are, what they want…” Trey, Texas

“They are smart, sexy and they know how to treat a man and appreciate us for who we are, just men” George, Mississippi

“They demand things their own way because they know they are worth it”.
Dave, So Cal

“…as they age they project a certain wisdom in their sensuality.”
Pablo, Texas

“She is articulate, opinionated, learned, dynamic and experienced – and I would not trade one moment with her for an entire night of…” Frank, Texas

An entire night of what Frank? Get the answer to this and a whole lot more in 40+ Plus and Fabulous!